Monday, April 5, 2010

I remember...

Waking up in a palapa in Tulum, Mexico with Simon.

Nana pulling pound cake out of it's little aluminum tin in the morning in her tiny apartment kitchen.

Eating hotdogs with Magdalena while she told me the story of the billy goats Gruff over...and over... and over...

When Jenny Star broke my mini trampoline. (RIP JENNY!)

That Salo always orders pasta bolognaise at the Macaroni Grill.

The student aide for 7th grade algebra - Vanessa with the huge eyebrows.

When my mom had braids.

When I got all those college rejection letters.

Magic Circle Bagels.

When Alberson's was Furrs.

The first night I had my beagle Friskey, and how loud he howled.

My birthday party going into 8th grade, where we covered Elenie in whipped cream.

The gorgeous British guy at Columbia Gorge School of Theatre, and how he said cutlery instead of silverware.