Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday I decided that it was a "I DO WHAT I WANT!!" kind of day. I didn't do any homework or cleaning or anything. Simon and I made breakfast burritos, watched a few episodes of Californication, and then I went to Target. I was struck by a bolt of inspiration the night before for a way to organize and display all my jewelry, and I decided to jump on the project right away. One cork board, thumb tacks, and some paint later, I have this:

Pretty Neat-o, huh? I'm pretty much in love with it. In the process, I picked out a few things that I never wear to get rid of, and I am now motivated to buy a few more pieces, because now I know I won't lose an earring right away, or whatever else I manage to do with all my accessories. Hair clips are the worst. And bobby pins - seriously, I wear them once and then never see them again... it's bizarre. So, if you have any thoughts on how to keep bobby pins and hair clips in order, let me know.

Here is a closer view of the filigree I did. I'm on a serious filigree kick right now, I've done at least 3 projects in as many months with filigree. Pretty soon I'm going to have a degree in filigree! har har har.

On a completely unrelated note - 3 days of summer classes left! And also, I'm making brownies tonight! Yum.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A rabbi and a NJ mayor walk into a bar...

The rabbi says, "Hey! Can you help me traffic some black market organs in for a friend of mine? You know, he needs a kidney or seven."

The New Jersey mayor says, "Black market organs, what are you - crazy? What's in it for me?"

The rabbi replies, "$160,000 in cash laundered through my religious charity organizations. I'll throw in a fake Gucci handbag from the Holy Land for the old lady, too."

The mayor says, "Sounds pretty good, but how about you throw in a few more bags, you know, for the family."

Rabbi replies, "What! Does it look like I'm made of money!? Oi Vey!"

(Check out the guy in the top hat!)

Suspects arrested in a sweeping corruption investigation are walked to a waiting bus outside FBI offices Thursday, July 23, 2009, in Newark, N.J.

3:56 p.m. ET, 7/23/09 (source: MSNBC)

So, the story goes something like this. FBI infiltrates corruption circle involving Mayors and Legislators from New York and New Jersey, various industry people, and rabbis. An estimated $650,000 was traded in bribes, as well as millions of dollars laundered through various organizations, including some set up and run by accused rabbis.

A quote from MSNBC:

"Those arrested included Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn, who was charged with conspiring to arrange the sale of an Israeli citizen's kidney for $160,000 for a transplant for the informant's fictitious uncle. Rosenbaum was quoted as saying he had been arranging the sale of kidneys for 10 years."

He's been "arranging the sale of kidneys for 10 years." 10 FRAKKING YEARS, people! Kidneys from ISRAEL! I wonder who is running the headline "Rabbi sells Israeli kidneys". Although, I guess it would be even more scandalous if he was selling kidneys from Pakistan.

To make the story even more ridiculous, not only were these guys profiting off of money laundering and human organ trafficking, but also from the sale of counterfeit designer handbags. Really, guys? What, is the organ trafficking really not profitable enough that you have to supplement your illegal income by selling fake Gucci purses? And I'd like to know just where they are selling these handbags! Out of the trunks of their cars? Do they have a little stand 'round the back of their office that they can close up when the heat comes? My mom once bought a bag from one of those places in New York, but she wanted a Prada instead of Gucci, so the nice little lady changed out the little logo for us right there on the street. I wonder if these guys would do that?

An unidentified man is walked to a waiting bus after being taken into custody Thursday, July 23, 2009, in Newark, N.J., outside FBI offices.

11:01 a.m. ET, 7/23/09 (source: MSNBC)

The hook, line, and sinker here? All but one of the politicians (and all the rabbis, obviously) are Democrats. DOH!

Here are some links to the story:

An Introduction

Testing. Testing. 1-2-3. Testing.

*ahem* Well, hello there!
It's so good to see you all here tonight. Welcome to my first post on my first blog! I believe an introduction is in order: blog, this is internet. Internet, this is my blog. Blog is a little shy right now, but once she opens up you'll be in for some big fun. It will be like Die Hard meets The Hangover. Only, with less killing. And less bromance. Just, less testosterone overall. Upon further inspection, this blog won't have much to do with Die Hard or The Hangover at all, but it will still be pretty cool. You'll find pictures, recipes, rants and raves, travel writing, social and political commentary, crafts... A little bit of this, and a little bit of that, really. So grab a drink, sit down, and enjoy. I think we are going to get along just fine!

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