Sunday, February 5, 2012


I miss tiny hairs from your razor in the sink.
I miss your toothbrush in the cup.
I miss two dirty towels at the end of the day.
I miss holding your hand.
I miss going on adventures with you.
I miss laughing at goofy TV shows with you. Sometimes I start to make a joke and then start crying because you'll never be able to hear it.
I miss you checking in on me.
I miss your smile that just kept getting bigger.
I miss your determination and inspiration to be better every day.
I miss curling up with you when I have nightmares.
I miss having a full fridge.
I miss buying you peanut butter treats.
I miss planning adventures with you.
I miss making crazy popcorn concoctions.
I miss hearing you talk to Nico and Kessa.
I miss holding your hand in the car.
I miss you.
I miss you so much.