Monday, October 19, 2009

Guaging the Crunchiness of Leaves

Things are crazy right now. I'm feeling WAY overwhelmed, possibly even more than I ever have before. I was walking to school yesterday (which was a SUNDAY, mind you) to try and get some work done, only to realize that the computer lab didn't open for another half an hour. So, I trudged my way to the duck pond to sit and wait, and I realized that, without even thinking about it, I had been tracing a zig-zag path that ran me through what I was judging to be the path of the most crunchy leaves. I think it can be agreed on that there is some kind of joy that every person experiences when stepping on leaves in the fall. I have a few theories for why this might be - it's either our desire to be in a childlike state of bliss again, we all have the desire to destroy something beautiful, or it's a fun stress reliever. Like popping bubble wrap. I'm pretty sure it's the latter, although the unbridled desire to destroy seems a bit more interesting....

So, I continued to walk and pay attention to the leaves which I was set to annihilate. What makes this one appear more crunchy? Do I like the leaves because they appear crunchy, or do I dislike them and want to crush them because of it? What course of action should I take when there are two leaves of equal perceived crunchiness in opposite directions? Is a satisfyingly crunchy leaf worth the risk of backtracking?

I have not yet reached a conclusion.

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