Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday I decided that it was a "I DO WHAT I WANT!!" kind of day. I didn't do any homework or cleaning or anything. Simon and I made breakfast burritos, watched a few episodes of Californication, and then I went to Target. I was struck by a bolt of inspiration the night before for a way to organize and display all my jewelry, and I decided to jump on the project right away. One cork board, thumb tacks, and some paint later, I have this:

Pretty Neat-o, huh? I'm pretty much in love with it. In the process, I picked out a few things that I never wear to get rid of, and I am now motivated to buy a few more pieces, because now I know I won't lose an earring right away, or whatever else I manage to do with all my accessories. Hair clips are the worst. And bobby pins - seriously, I wear them once and then never see them again... it's bizarre. So, if you have any thoughts on how to keep bobby pins and hair clips in order, let me know.

Here is a closer view of the filigree I did. I'm on a serious filigree kick right now, I've done at least 3 projects in as many months with filigree. Pretty soon I'm going to have a degree in filigree! har har har.

On a completely unrelated note - 3 days of summer classes left! And also, I'm making brownies tonight! Yum.

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  1. came out awesome! and whoever hung it did a great job!