Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At 10,378 Feet

Today was a glorious day. Simon and I went on the Albuquerque tram for our anniversary. The tram, although a neat technological feat, was packed full of annoying tourists, boy scouts, and babies. Honestly, I did not expect as many people to be on the mountain as there were. Really surprising. At the top, we hunkered down on a nice rock and ate the picnic lunch of cheese, french bread, and fruit we had packed. Mmmm cheese! We decided to keep trekking further down the trail and deeper into the forest. We were both wearing flip flops, so the going was slow, but even just a few minutes down the trail away from the noise of the tram, things were peaceful. And quiet - Oh how quiet! No whirring swamp coolers or skate boards or traffic. Things were just silent. And every so often a breeze, but not so much a breeze as a breath or a sigh, would silently pass through and persuade the leaves and little flowers to shimmer and dance. We watched the wind, even though we couldn't always feel it. The air was cool and light, not hot and stiffling like it is in the city. It made me miss Taos a little, to be honest. Taos mountain is just so much prettier than the Sandias (No offense, Senor Watermelon), and it doesn't take a 40 minute drive and a jam packed tram to get away from the din of civilization. But, don't tell anyone I confided such thoughts, I need to up hold my Big City Girl image. I'm beginning to falter here, I have spent the rest of the evening gearing up for my trip tomorrow, so without further ado, I will leave you with some pictures and bid you adieu!

This is the tram! Crammed full of people. Tram Cram.

From Wiki: "With a total diagonal distance of 14,657 feet (4,467 m) the Sandia Peak Tram is the longest aerial tram in the world".

Albuquerque from above. The visibility was a little poor today, but I didn't really mind.

Rock face on the West side of the mountain. That side is super rocky and dry, while the East side is green and moist and cool. Very strange and cool.

My Simon enjoying the cool mountain air.

A very cool little spiral whirlygig plant that we found. Spirals rock! Fibonacci FTW!


Part of the pulley system that runs the tram.

Well, I'm off to bed for tonight so I can head for New York, and then Spain in the morning. Just one more thing: I LOVE YOU SIMON! <3

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