Monday, November 2, 2009


Just a short post here about Halloween, which activity-wise ended up being pretty lame (as it always is in Albuquerque). But, I was really proud of my costume, and enjoyed all the ghoulish goodness leading up to Halloween. I think I'm still going to be renting scary movies and making monster themed baked goods for a while to come, and I'm excited about that!

This was my costume. I was Sookie Stackhouse, from the HBO shoe TrueBlood! A guy that I work with has said a few times that he thinks I look like Anna Paquin. When I shared this information with the rest of the people I work with, they seemed to agree and from there my costume was born. And, as it turned out I had almost everything I needed to make it happen at my house anyways! I had received a Merlotte's shirt and bar rag made for me from a swap I was in, and I had the shorts and the apron and shoes already. The only thing I bought was a hair clip thing to make it look like I had longer hair. That thing was waaayyyy too much fun! I could never live with that much hair, but for a few nights a year I think it could be tons of fun.

For comparison's sake, here is a picture of the real Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin:

I hope that when the new season of TrueBlood starts, I can find a place to host "screening parties" and then I can wear my costume again!

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