Monday, November 9, 2009

The peculiar happenings of Monday, November 9

I didn't expect today to be any more or less spectacular than any other day, nor did I expect it to be any more or less banal. And to begin with, it wasn't. The main events of today don't stand out as being unusual in any way either - got some coffee, went to class, did homework, had tooth pain, took a nap, went to a meeting... I was fighting Monday, or Anyday as days tend to become. Trying to stay in the swing of things, check things off the list, prioritize, economize, supersize, but the world kept sticking out little peculiar happenings that forced me to take a moment out of the routine and pay attention to them.

The first was early this morning in class. I didn't think anything of it at the time, because I usually don't think much of anything in the mornings before a heaping serving of caffeine. But, as I stared down into my cup of coffee and listened to a presentation on business ethics, I noticed little swirls in the cup.

The next one didn't hit me until much later in the day. I was fighting off terrible tooth pain (REMINDER: CALL THE DENTIST!) and trying to beat the 5:30 deadline of the assignment I had to turn in, and I heard my watch ticking. The watch, which was on the other side of the table, was SO LOUD for just a few seconds that it completely snapped me out of my rush and MADE ME pay attention to it. It's like it was just screaming, "HEY!!! TAKE A SECOND TO REALIZE THAT THERE IS MORE GOING ON AROUND YOU!!"

Later, I was on my back porch and I noticed a leaf sitting on the window ledge. Thing is, the whole porch is enclosed by screen so there is really no was for leaves to get in. Except for one spot, where there is a tear in the screen, and this little leaf is sitting directly under the little tear. "Check me out! I defied all odds!", it said. Because really, a leaf shouldn't be there. It would need to have blown in at exactly the right angle, and with exactly enough speed to make it through the hole in the first place, and then to be precariously perched on the ledge like it was? I wouldn't have placed any bets on that happening. Special little leaf.

And just now, I was blowing soap bubbles for my cat (she loves to chase them) and one landed on the couch. It caught the light just so, and even though the bubble itself was still the surface of it was swirling and changing in a myriad of colors. And then it popped. I know there is a metaphor in there some where, I just haven't figured it out yet.

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