Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Days

It's been snowing. Not really, but the questionable weather combined with crappy drivers and crazy roads has resulted in me working from home for the most part for the past 2 days, in addition to one day last week. I also spent all weekend at home.

I did go into the office today to pick some things up, and I was talking about getting cabin fever. I've never spent this much time alone. Without a friend, without a confidant, without Simon. Work - being around other people and having a task to complete - is important to keep me from pulling all my hair out and crumbling to pieces. It's been a hard few days. But while the few of us dropped into the office to pick up some things, others were talking of their cabin fever, and how they got sick of spending time with their spouses, and how they wanted to come back to work too to get some distance.

Please excuse me if I'm not sympathetic to your situation. I would fucking murder someone to spend a snowday trapped in the house with Simon. So don't come to me to bemoan time spent with your love. Lucky bastards.

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