Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to the grind again.

Well, school is back in session! I'm not super excited about it yet, but that's probably because I'm still getting over having to nearly sell my dignity to get into all the classes I need. At first I was convinced that UNM was the worst run business ever, just based on the amount of disorganization and miscommunications, and how many problems it causes for the students. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that "repeat customers" AKA - students who don't graduate on time because UNM fucked something up - is how UNM makes money, so it's really in their best interest to keep us here. Tricksy hobitses. But, I'm trying to lift my spirits and get in the groove of things, because I really want to ACE this whole semester. I came close last semester, but stopped short due to a frickin' hack of a teacher who decided that I didn't bend my morals far enough to play his "ends justifies the means" system of grading, and therefore didn't give me an A. If I prayed, I would pray that God would smite him, cause it's kind of illegal for me to do it. But I would!

I good news, I have decided to be more diligent about going to tango and salsa, and as of this morning, I have started going to yoga. In the past 3 months, I have really started building relationships with people at work, which is really nice - not only because it makes work more fun, but also because now some of them are my workout partners! I went with one to yoga this morning, and another 2 will be coming to salsa with me on Monday. I'm really excited about this new development. I really need PEOPLE in my life, even if they aren't super-confidants, just another psyche to connect to is something I crave. So, yay for that. Hopefully, this will also help in my ongoing, never ending, hell bent quest to lose weight. Le sigh. I lost 10 of the 20 I wanted to last year, but then gained it all back in November, December, and January. Boo. So I am back at square one.

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