Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday November 14

I've been titling my posts with the date because I can. I feel no pressure to come up with better titles, and so I will not try to do so until they decide to come to me.

Things I did today: Interviewed for the new position at work. It went ok, I think. It's weird interviewing with people you already know. Then I did some work, put together a mailing and a blog post. Nearly had a panic attack. Stayed late at work, and talked to a friend about possibly room-mating together. Ate left overs. They were underwhelming. Talked on the phone with my mom. I wanted to do some reading tonight, but it's already pretty late.

Things to do tomorrow: Go to work. Continue to try to maintain. I wish I could talk to Simon. I want to hold his hand and tell him about my day. I want to be excited and nervous for this possible new position, excited and nervous about moving into a new house. We were supposed to do that together. All I feel is sick and empty.

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