Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 16

I added proper punctuation to the post title today. You're welcome.

Things I did today: Went to work. Stopped and got gas, coffee, and a bagel on the way in. Had both my meetings today, which both went well. Yeah. As a way to avoid foggily staring at a project I was working on, I randomly called the vet to see if I could make an appointment to take both Kessa and Nico in one go. They had an appointment at 6:30 tonight, so after work I just stopped at home, picked up the cat, and went to the vet. Everyone is fine and updated on their shots. I got Nico some flea medicine just in case, and some more rimadyl. Leftover chicken and potatoes for dinner, but that was the last of it. My phone just now (at 9:00PM) told me I had a new voice mail from the therapist, and I said "Fuck it, I'll call him now, whatever". We made an appointment in December. I'd like to do some reading tonight...still haven't gotten around to it. Laundry also.

Nico at the vet. He likes it there.

Things to do tomorrow: Set up lighting to prepare for seal release on Friday (!). Having happy hour with Sami the nurse after work, so maybe I'll leave Nico at home, or leave early... not sure yet. Go to bed REALLY EARLY because I have to be at work at 6:00 AM on Friday. My housing situation should be straightened out by Monday. Good. I'd like to do some stretching/yoga someday too.

I've been talking on the phone a lot, which if nothing else eats up my time. I'm tired all the damn time. Today was a long day out of the house. The hardest part of the day is usually when I'm on my way home, and I remember Simon will not be there. I always felt so bad that he had to spend so much time in traffic. He talked about it a lot, and it saddened me that traffic was a significant part of his life. What a waste of his time. Precious, precious time.

You always were the one to show me how.
Back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now.
This thing is slowly taking me apart.
Grey would be the color if I had a heart.

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